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The Institute «Graduate School of Management»

The Institute «Graduate School of Management» (GSM) established at the University in 2010, trains students according to three Master degree programs:

38.04.02 «Management»;

27.04.05 «Innovation theory»;

27.04.06 «Organization and administration of knowledge-intensive manufacturing»

The feature of the program is training Masters who have theoretical and practical skills both in technical and economic fields, as well as are fluent in foreign languages. Graduation Master’s theses are innovative projects and programs for the development of modern companies.

The GSM uses widely advanced teaching technologies:

· computer simulation, business- and role-play, case-studies, trainings, and teleconferencing;

· intensive language teaching (up to 30% of teaching load), which will allow the GSM graduate to be able to maintain professional contacts in the international environment.

· involvement of the undergraduates in the international youth scientific and educational conferences and seminars.

· collaboration with foreign universities and business schools.

As part of the GSM program, students can undertake a study placement in the frame of the DAAD “Leonard Aler” program and business play “WORKSHOP” taking place in such countries as China, Portugal, Spain, the USA, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, etc.

Teaching is performed by the leading SRSPU (NPI) teaching stuff, experts of specialized research institutes, scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professors of international universities-partners, managers and specialists of industrial and other companies, trainers-consultants, experts in career development.

The GSM offers an option to take simultaneously two two-year Master’s courses (both at any University Department and at the GSM) as well to study simultaneously at the SRSPU and a foreign educational institution on exchange education programs. It gives the opportunity to receive two Master’s diplomas including one from a foreign university.

The Institute «Graduate School of Management» assists in job placement of GSM graduates at the leading Russian companies – SRSPU (NPI) strategic partners.

The SRSPU (NPI) Graduate School of Management works in close cooperation with the leading universities both in Russia and abroad, the largest domestic companies, and enjoys the support of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. In current conditions the GSM will make a pool of experts for the innovative development of the region and the country, the key to effective formation of technical elite of a new type.

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